DHI International – India’s Greatest Brands 2018- 2019

Best Hair Transplant Clinics In India

AsiaOne Magazine has chosen DHI International as one of ‘India’s Greatest Brands for 2018-2019’ based on research by United Research Services under Process Advisor Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

Mr Ajay Bansal, Managing Director and CEO of DHI International was also awarded “India’s Greatest Leaders 2018-19”.

DHI International – India’s Greatest Brands 2018- 2019

DHI International Group, is the world leader in Hair Restoration and Transplant, providing solutions for hair and scalp disorders with the expertise of 5 decades and roots in Europe.

DHI International provides comprehensive hair transplant and restoration services including the most advanced Direct Hair Transplant technique, Scalp Micropigmentation (MPG), Hair Prosthetics (DHF), Eyebrow Restoration, Beard Restoration, Scar Repair, and Hair Care Products. DHI has operations in 42 countries with 75 clinics, which run under strict safety protocols and ISO systems. The award-winning Direct Hair Implantation Technique is taught in major European Universities.

DHI procedure is performed using ‘single use’ titanium quoted instruments and patented implanter, which gives perfectly natural and guaranteed results every time.

Normally, a procedure lasts 4-7 hours, including a lunch break. In the DHI system, only DHI Master Surgeon, certified by the London Hair Restoration Academy performs the sessions. The DHI Direct Technique has made this procedure PAIN & SCAR free. DHI procedure can be performed with trimmed hair and even unshaven.

The whole procedure is done under local anesthesia and a patient can comfortably see his/her favorite movie or snooze during the procedure. There is no downtime and the patient can go home and resume normal life from that evening itself. It takes a week to revert to a perfectly normal look though as the scabs of implanted hair are slightly visible.

The DHI procedure is divided into two parts i.e. Extraction and Implantation.

Extraction of hair is from the back of the scalp (called the Donor area), using special instruments ensuring No cuts/No scars/No stitches or harm to the hair follicles, unlike in other methods like FUE, Strip, etc. The Donor area looks naturally dense after the procedure. There is complete transparency of the graft count with a 97% graft survival rate against the industry average of 50%.

Implantation is normally in the front of the scalp or crown area (the Recipient area), using a specially designed and patented (US and EU patents) device, the DHI Implanter, which is used ONLY by DHI. The implanter is a specialized instrument used by specially trained doctors, who ensure that the hair follicles are implanted in one single step with 100% control over angle, direction, depth, and density, thereby giving a very natural look after the hair grows.

Both these stages are done in safe and hygienic facilities that meet our global standards.

DHI has over 250,000+ satisfied patients worldwide and has become the default choice of many famous Indian and International celebrities including Virender Sehwag, Govinda, RJ

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