How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost?

Hair Transplant Cost

Generally, the most important factor when evaluating your hair transplant options is the cost of hair transplant, with little attention given to the outcome. However, in reality, when performed professionally, a good hair transplant has a positive, permanent life-changing result, which is priceless. When Clinics take shortcuts and the results are poor, the patient’s confidence and mental health are negatively impacted, making even the cheapest surgery seem expensive.

With so many techniques available in the market, it is obvious that the patients might get confused about where they should go. Every clinic and doctor claims to perform the best hair transplant, leaving patients very confused. This result leads to many people choosing the cheapest clinics, where to save money; the clinics are compromising the safety of the patients, using untrained staff, re-using non-sterile surgical equipment, and performing in 3rd world standard clinics. These cost-saving techniques lead to substandard results, extensive scarring, unnatural placement, and growth of hairs, or even worse, severe medical complications.

It is important to note that each patient's scalp and hair loss is unique and the “Cost” is so much more than just a number. The true cost of a hair transplant is principally determined by many factors; who performs your surgery, the artistic skill and experience of the surgeon, how strict are the safety and hygiene protocols, the number of grafts/hairs needed, and if specialized instruments are used during the procedure.

Cost of a DHI Hair Transplant in India

DHI sets the gold standard for safety, quality, experience, technology, survivability, density, and natural results plus much more. At DHI, a procedure cost is calculated through a medical diagnosis, determining exactly the number of hairs and grafts it will take to provide your perfect result. Making this as unique as you and your hair loss.

“Cost is relative to result, a product or service cost is quickly forgotten when the outcome exceeds expectation.”

The DHI’s hair transplant patients trusted us to deliver a natural result that was life-changing. However, these patients were once in the same place as you are right now

Hair Transplant Cost DHI

The result after a DHI procedure can be seen in the above pictures

The next thing they both did, cost them next to nothing and it change their life. They attended a DHI hair loss consultation (alopecia test, dermatological evaluation & lifetime treatment plan) with a DHI India, hair specialist, to find out what could be possible for them.

Many of our patients ask for the cost of a hair transplant over the phone or online. As mentioned above, the number of grafts/hairs, the time it will take to perform the session, the density, etc. make it virtually impossible to give an accurate estimate.

We encourage you to meet our hair restoration experts at A DHI clinic near you, for a comprehensive hair and scalp examination and diagnosis, and the doctor will be able to inform you of the exact cost and when you can finally have your life-changing result.

Hair Transplant Cost DHI 1

Your DHI Treatment Cost is Based on the following:

  1. Number of follicles to cover bald areas
  2. Hair loss condition
  3. Texture and other characteristics of a donor’s hair
  4. Safety and Hygiene standards of the procedure and the clinic

The DHI hair transplant session usually lasts a few hours only. However, in some more advanced cases, more sessions are required to achieve the desired results.

To know the accurate DHI hair transplant cost in Delhi, India, we advise you to visit one of our clinics in 13 locations or call us to speak to our hair specialist at 1800-103-9300

DHI’s Easy Financing Schemes for Hair Transplant Treatment

Hair restoration treatments at DHI have become even more convenient and affordable with the availability of various financing options. We offer 0% interest on EMI schemes.

If you are interested in our easy financing schemes, fill in the online application on our website for a consultation and know more about it in detail. You can also request a callback.

Many people think that DHI hair transplant is too expensive to consider. With this misconception, they lend their place their trust to cheaper uncertified clinics. Before you decide to do anything like this, you must evaluate the long-term effects of the cheap hair transplant option.



37% of our patients are repair cases, that was poorly executed by cheaper hair transplant clinics.

Hair Transplant Cost DHI 5Hair Transplant Cost DHI 2

Donor area after Strip surgery                                      Results after Strip Surgery

DHI Hair Transplant Cost DHI Hair Transplant Cost in India

 Donor area after FUE surgery                                  Results after FUE Surgery


These cheaper procedures give unnatural results and leave lifetime scars. The performing person is generally uncertified and if there is a doctor in the clinic, their role is limited. The instruments used at these clinics are mostly reusable low-quality Chinese instruments—thus putting the safety of patients at risk. Additionally, the survival rate of the hairs implanted is less than 50%, compared to more than 90% survival offered by DHI.

There Are 7 Mandatory Questions One Should Ask to The Clinic Before Deciding on A Hair Transplant Procedure.

  1. Who will perform the procedure? Will a doctor perform the procedure or an assistant?
  2. Is the Doctor suitably trained and certified?
  3. What is the experience of the clinic/doctor you are going to?
  4. Is the clinic technically sound with proper protocols on instrument usage?
  5. What kind of Diagnostic system does the clinic have?
  6. Compare their results with others.
  7. How would you choose a hair transplant clinic?

At DHI, We Invest in The Following:

1. Restoring Hair Since 1970!
2. DHI No Touch Direct TechniqueTM
3. DHI Total Care System TM
4. DHI’s Objectives:
– Safety
– Guaranteed Natural Results
– Maximum Density
5. 100% procedure performed by Master Surgeons, extensively trained at DHI International Academy
6. Strict quality control system, accredited by international authorities like the UK CQC and international system organization (ISO)
7. Each procedure is performed with high precision, titanium coated single-use, patented instruments
8. Several academic awards and recognitions

Certificates & Awards

Hair Transplant Cost DHI 6

So What’s The Next Step For You?

A simple consultation could change your life. In consultation with DHI India, you will receive a medical hair loss diagnosis with a DHI India hair restoration expert. Find out what is possible for you with India’s best hair transplant procedure.

Hair Transplant Cost DHI 1

Get Life-Changing Results!

Hair Transplant Cost DHI 7

Donor area after DHI procedure

Hair Transplant Cost DHI 8

Hair Transplant Cost DHI 9

Hair Transplant Cost DHI 10

Hair Transplant Cost DHI 11

Hair Transplant Cost DHI 12

Hair Transplant Cost DHI 13

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