Leaky Gut & Hair Loss

What is Leaky Gut? Inside our abdomen, we have an extensive intestinal lining covering more than 4,000 square feet of surface area. Physiologically, it forms a tight barrier controlling what gets absorbed into the bloodstream. An unhealthy gut...

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Beware of Fake Review Sites

DHI Group stands for the highest standards in patient’s safety and results which has made it into a global leader in Hair Transplants and Restorations. Who’s who of the world come to DHI clinics to benefit from Hair Restoration with the renowned DHI...

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Hair Transplant Cost

How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost?

Generally, the most important factor when evaluating your hair transplant options is the cost of hair transplant, with little attention given to the outcome. However, in reality, when performed professionally, a good hair transplant has a positive,...

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Strong Immunity Is Your Best Bet!

About iV (IN- VITALITY Instant Health) DHI with In-Vitality’s team of experienced doctors developed a treatment range that restores balance in your life. Whether you need to fortify immune system in these challenging times, revitalize after a big...

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The VIP Clinic in Delhi

DHI opened the stunning, new VIP clinic in Delhi. The clinic was launched by the CEO, DHI International, Mr. Ajay Bansal along with the entire DHI International team.

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